Deploy .NET Core application 3.1 to Microsoft Azure for free

Microsoft Azure is the easiest way to deploy .NET Core applications and shouldn’t require any cost if you stay under the free credits. You will need to create a Microsoft Azure account and provide a credit card, but you will be using the free plan. If you already have an account and have used 12 month free credits, we will use pay as you go pricing, but will select the free tier server. This is good for applications that won’t see a ton of load, ex: your personal portfolio page. Let’s get started!

  1. Once you create an account, go to Microsoft Portal quickstart.

2. Select the first option, Create a Web App.

3. Select the first option, Build and host a web app with Azure Web Apps.

4. Choose Free Trial for subscription. Select Create new for Resource Group and name it whatever you want.

NOTE: If your Free Trial ended, choose pay as you go subscription, we are still going to choose the free tier.

5. Under Instance Details, enter a name, this will be in your site url. Select your Runtime stack, if you recently downloaded .NET Core, you most likely have 3.1, but it’s good to double check.

6. Under App Service Plan, Enter a name and if your sku and size is not Free F1, Select Change Size. Under Dev/Test, select the F1 plan.

7. Select Review and Create and create your instance.

8. Go to your project in Visual Studio, right click your project, select Publish.

9. Select New, and under App Service, Choose Select Existing. Then select your project.

10. Select Publish! Your app will now deploy to your site url. Leave any comments below.